Thursday, January 5, 2012

Breaking new ground

This morning if you would have told me that I would have an active blog by six o'clock today I probably would have thought you were absolutely crazy.

Crazy because maybe I thought I was way to busy as a second year HS Urban Educator to ever create a blog... turns out it is as simple as a few clicks and a password.

Crazy because maybe I thought of blogs as something only the ultimate tech savvy could navigate... turns out even I can manage to get the basics down.

Crazy because maybe I thought the class I would be sitting in during that time would focus solely on theory... turns out the paperless classroom is a possibility!

Regardless as to how crazy I may have thought you were... turns out I would have been dead wrong. I guess I am just simply amazed at the things that you can learn in a matter of minutes. If I can do this all within 10 minutes... then I can only begin to imagine what my students are going to be capable of within my classroom. I am going to be looking for educators that have embarked on this new venture like I just have.


  1. Its pretty remarkable to imagine what our students can do with this! The possibilities are truly endless

  2. Just embarked on this journey as well. I have been blogging myself and with students for awhile but never for other educators to read. This is my new endeavor. Good luck on this journey. @colormehappyjls

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  4. Our elementary campus has been focused to become as paperless as possible limiting paper usage more and more each year. It is exciting to find other classrooms in the same endeavor. I am also beginning the blogging experience as and opportunity to build my professional learning network. I will be following you, enjoy your journey with you class.


  5. Exciting stuff! I have been setting the groundwork to flip my Anatomy & Physiology class this year, but I also teach HS Math (10-12), so am thinking of trying the flip with one of those. Good for you for setting up a blog! That is one of my goals for 2012. I will be sure to follow along with your progress and updates. Good luck!!
    Michelle Rinehart