Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flipping Geometry - The Beginning

After long discussions with my department head I have finally gotten the ok to go ahead and flip my geometry classroom. I am filled with mixed emotions on the idea... excited, anxious, nervous, scared. These emotions are similar to the responses I receive from others when I describe my vision for my new flipped classroom. Many doubt that I will be able to pull it off given the context that I teach in (note - I hope I can consider myself a "coach" and not a "teacher" by the end of this experiment). They point to the inner city school structure and its lack of resources, the low income community my students come from, my lack of teaching experience and other factors as reasons why this attempt is crazy. I am out to prove them wrong.

I push for my students to be agents of change and I see it only natural then that I need to be the same. Now that I got the ok to flip the class... I guess I need to get working.

Class website to follow!


  1. I can't wait to see how you get this going.I want to"flip"my 8th grade science class in Houston, TX.

  2. This is an exciting teaching model. I'm interested to see the videos and in what technology you use to record and deliver the content.

    Could this work in an English classroom as well?

  3. This is awesome, Tim! Looking forward to hearing how your students take to the method.

  4. seems pretty awesome... do you have any additional resources on this, books, websites, etc. that you can recommend?

  5. Exciting stuff! I have been setting the groundwork to flip my Anatomy & Physiology class this year, but I also teach HS Math (10-12), so am thinking of trying the flip with one of those. Good for you for setting up a blog! That is one of my goals for 2012. I will be sure to follow along with your progress and updates. Good luck!!